Who We Are

Front Lounge, formerly Pure Media UK, was founded in 2001 as a youth arts charity. It was set up to encourage young people from marginalised backgrounds to pursue careers in the creative industries. As the organisation developed, its projects expanded beyond the arts to address the pressing need in the community for opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2015, whilst still retaining a strong connection to the arts, Front Lounge began to work mainly in social care and education projects aimed at improving the lives of young people in the community. The organisation rebranded in 2016 to better reflect its current and future priorities. The name came from a discussion among volunteers at the Bringing Up Baby (BUBS) group where one of the members described it like being in someone's front lounge due to the welcoming, non-intimidating environment and small group size.

The Board


Doug Millar
BA in Community Education and until recently was the Review Officer at Carolina House Trust. Now an Education Resource Worker at Rowantree Primary School.
Camilla Plekker
Vice Chair
Project Participant (2009 – 2013). Registered Nurse at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Recently led 8.3.18 International Women’s Day celebrations in India. Committee member since March 2018.
Stacie Robertson
Abertay University Student Advisor and former participant. One of the establishers of The Workshop. Foster carer. On Committee since March 2018
Layla Brown
Committee Member
Former participant. Committee member since 2009. Professional singer with a BA in Classical Music & Performance.
Emma Simpson-Faichney
Committee Member
Project participant (2009 - 2011). Committee member since 2012. Award-winning youth worker at Perth College.
Ashley Ross
Committee Member
Involved in very first project in 2001. Participant from 2001 - 2009. Committee member since 2014. A singer songwriter, a teacher at a local primary school, and new mum!