The Aperture Project (TAP)

Youth arts by young people, for young people

In 2008 a group of 8-year-old children formed a club called Adventures of The Little People (AOTLP). They worked with workers and volunteers who were coincidentally preparing to go on an international trip to China. The fevered preparations really seemed to inspire them because 8 years later, now 16 years old, they formed TAP and asked Front Lounge to help them have similar experiences.


TAP is made up of three interconnected strands:

  1. Training - the particular interests of the young people drive the training, and they gain new skills through working with skill practitioners. Training also includes developing social and communication skills, and growing their teamwork & leadership qualities. "...TAP gives its members a platform to learn unique and interesting skills that would otherwise be difficult to come across. The skills we learn during the projects we plan and run help us outside of TAP in life; one of our members has already managed to get into college thanks to TAP..."
  2. Sharing – the 'trainees' become 'peer trainers', and as the young people share their acquired skills and knowledge they grow into positive role models in their communities.
  3. Being a creative resource for the community – "...We do projects in our local community, based around creative themes such as music, photography, art, and drama. We plan to do similar projects to what we have done already like (a) Darkroom vs. Digital, which was a project where we helped the residents of Johnston Avenue represent their issue with traffic noise pollution through digital photography and darkroom photography: Johnston Avenue is now part of a trial 20mph zone citywide project; (b) iGNiTE Inverness weekend, where we collaborated with a youth group producing a short film – we made some great new friends; (c) Windows of Hilltown Park project in which we gathered public opinion about whether the window sculptures in Hilltown Park should be replaced or repaired. The pictures we took and the short film we made were used as part of a public consultation process; and (d) Open Photoshoot, a free photoshoot for the residents of Coldside in Dundee..."

TAP allows for a deeper understanding and connection with the communities that we live in, it strengthens friendships, and encourages a different type of thinking to solve problems we come across...Participants will grow in confidence, develop essential life skills, they will get involved with their local communities, they will make new friendships, and they will use their energy and time doing something worthwhile and very productive, which will sit very nicely on the CVs.