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Live at Five from The Workshop on STV2 on May 3rd, Kindred Clothing were crowned WINNER of The People's Projects STV North Region.

Your votes helped Kindred Clothing secure £34,488 of National Lottery funding to help transform the lives and skills of young parents in Dundee!

We cannot thank you enough for your support in making this dream a reality.

Kindred Winners
Kindred Winners
Kindred Winners
Alice Stuart

To me, it was all about meeting other mums in a similar position and doing something productive. When you’re a young mum, it’s easy to stay in and hide away but that can do more harm than good.

Alice Stuart - Kindred Clothing

What is Kindred Clothing?

Kindred Clothing is a Dundee community project which aims to build the skills and confidence of parents under 20 by supporting them to design and make clothes, learn new skills, and make friends while their children play.

With additional funding, the project will feature weekly drop-in sessions at Front Lounge’s Hilltown premises, as well as showcase events and visits to creative venues including Dundee Contemporary Arts’ print studio. The weekly sessions will be led by young parent volunteers, supported by a Community Learning and Development (CLD) Worker, with a Making Practitioner facilitating the creative sessions. If funded, the programme will also include tailoring, knitting and quilting, with the added opportunity for parents to design their own fabric through screen-printing. The grant would help pay for materials and machinery, toys and a Play Worker, allowing parents to concentrate on their crafting knowing that their children are being looked after just a few feet away.

What will the funds be used for?


A series of skill-based workshops based on fashion and textile design that will include sewing, knitting and fabric making.


There will be an opportunity for parents to work towards accredited training qualifications to help with future employment prospects.

Play Worker

A play worker will allow the parents to concentrate on their craft knowing their children are nearby and in safe hands.


Sewing machines, cutting tools, computers, printing and dying equipment.


Fabric, thread, dye, sequins, knitting needles and everything else required to make a great garment.

Chika Inatimi - Project Leader

Kindred Clothing has the potential to be huge and is such a deserving project. Helping parents who feel isolated due to financial challenges, restricted access to transport and a chronic lack of confidence, the project is free and entirely peer-led – it’s already helping overcome the barriers that reinforce the sense of isolation.

Chika Inatimi - Project Leader, Front Lounge