Bringing Up Baby (BUBS)

A young parents' support group led by young parents

In 2011, Front Lounge was contacted by NHS Tayside to support the delivery of a youth-led project across Tayside that explored issues around teenage pregnancy. After conducting a series of one-off activities, we were approached by two of the participants to ask that we develop a regular young parents group, as no similar service was available locally. BUBS was launched in 2012 as a safe space for young parents to meet, discuss their issues and participate in group activities with their children.

Bringing up Baby 1
Bringing up Baby 2
Bringing up Baby 3

We currently work with over 100 young parents and children each year. Many participants come to BUBS feeling isolated, lonely and depressed. By participating in BUBS, young parents increase their confidence, improve their well-being, develop new skills, make friends and gain support from their peers. Participants are also encouraged and supported to develop visions for their future, which Front Lounge helps them to achieve. BUBS also addresses stigma and discrimination towards young parents. BUBS meets once a week typically for two hours and each session usually has a theme decided upon by the volunteers. BUBS encourages both mums and dads to get involved with activities alongside their children. The annual summer programme is very important, offering twice weekly sessions that feature family outings and one off special activities.