A Participant’s Perspective – Amy Revell

Amy came to us with an idea which we helped make into a reality. We love these stories at Front Lounge because they are the very essence of what we do. We have had a great time working with Amy, and hope to continue to enable her, and others like her to create their own stories and inspire others in the process.

Amy’s Story

I first heard about Front Lounge when I was taking part in the Next Steps project at DEAP Ltd, and was invited to get involved in an art project at On The Whole, Front Lounge. Following this project, I was asked what I would like to do next and one of my ideas was to do a fashion show/ I was surprised when we began planning one and we did so over 8 weeks. During this time, I took part in lots of different activities which included:

  • Art
  • Planning projects
  • Playing games
  • Meeting new people
  • Taking part in a fashion show
  • Making props
  • Filming
  • Acting
  • Doing our own fashion show

One of my favourite things about my time at Front Lounge has been people listening to my idea of doing a fashion show, and actually doing it! A highlight for me in this has been meeting new people; during the project, we met other young people and I really enjoyed meeting them and having a laugh with everyone together.

Another memorable moment for me was when we went to Stirling for the day to watch and take part in a Japanese themed fashion show at Stirling University. We did research for our own fashion show, and I got to wear a Japanese Kimono to take part in the show at the end. I also really enjoyed doing art, being creative and acting in the film we created at the end.

How has this experience changed me? It has changed me a lot! I have become more confident around new people and have learned to not to judge people before I get to know them. Meeting new people has also given me confidence working in a group, and through this I learned new skills about how to use a camera.

What do I want for my future? One of my dreams is to become a model and to be seen by a modelling company. I also want to continue with my horse riding and hopefully own my own horse one day. I am currently doing cooking at college and have applied for a professional cookery course at college for September 2017, but I want to get a job to find out what I would really like to do.

When I was asked what I want to do after the fashion show project, I said I wanted to make a film so with the help of Front Lounge I want to make a documentary about mental health to show how difficult it is for people with mental health problems.